Visiting the Gentle Barn

Hi world! I’m Miceala, a vegan, animal rights activist, and junior at the California Institute of Technology. I love books, dance, the outdoors, and the foam on chai tea lattes. My weaknesses? Dried mango, chocolate-covered ginger and pictures of cute animals.

Since March of 2010, I’ve been a volunteer at the Wildlife Waystation, an exotic animal refuge nestled in the hills of the Angeles National Forest. The animals (and people!) at the Waystation have gotten me through what have been three of the most transformative years of my life. Moving from the Midwest to L.A. meant leaving behind a rocky home situation, grappling with mental health issues, and finally allowing myself the freedom to be me.

I’m not done fighting, but when I slow down to reflect on my my life as it is now, I realize – my life is freakin’ awesome!

My days are filled with amazing animal encounters, inspiring people, and rediscovering the joy of food – the vegan way. And I have something to say about it all. 🙂

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  1. Miceala, your blog posts are truly wonderful and fascinating. It is such a genuine honor to know someone like you. -Emanuel

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