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The Human Animal


And last but not least in our celebration of the earth’s colors, there’s of course the human animal!


The Beauty of Vegan


October, month of colors! I’ll be honoring the glorious visual display of the world by featuring some snapshots of life within it – namely, food, creatures, and the human animal.

To start off with, let’s celebrate the colors of the earth with the fruit of the earth!

Amazing Animals


For just about ever, humans have been obsessed with pushing boundaries – defying limits, challenging the impossible, testing the unachievable. And while humans have made some amazing leaps and bounds – animals do it every day, just through their natural existence. Check out some of the most shockingly awesome animals I know of!


Meet a trans-sexual lioness

… and a talking whale

… and a lizard who can reproduce on her own…

… and an ant that can lift 100 times its own body weight!



Who are your favorite extremophiles of the animal kingdom? Comment and share!

Violence and Veganism? Hell No.


So, normally I’m a supporter of PETA’s campaigns. They’ve got quite a few really good ones that uphold respect for life, if through occasionally drastic action. But drastic doesn’t always equate with inappropriate.

However, when that action does equate veganism with domestic violence, it is absolutely NOT okay.

PETA recently launched a new commercial campaign featuring battered women – we’re talking neck braces, bruising, bandages – talking about how since their significant others have gone vegan, they’ve turned into “sex machines.” VIOLENT sex machines.

Gross. Disgusting. Horrible. Offensive. I could think of a few other words too.

Veganism is about respect for life, NEVER about violence. Especially lustful violence. Trying to promote veganism that way is shameful, counterproductive, and turns veganism into something it’s absolutely NOT.

October is national domestic violence awareness month. So I’m speaking out against the domestic violence in PETA’s campaign and asking you all to do so too. Tell PETA that veganism is about life, not violence and sex, and that any campaign even remotely promoting domestic violence is sick and needs to STOP. Now.

Sign the petition here.