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Road Trip!


Hello my lovely readers! I’ve been lost in over a month of balancing school, volunteering, school, medical treatment, and oh yeah, did I mention school?

But now it’s a three-day weekend and guess what?! I’m on a road trip!!!

My friend Leslie and I left yesterday morning for Monterey Bay. Our plans? Have adventures!

On our way down, we spotted a family farm advertising its orchards open for fruit picking. Detour!

I had been hesitant, actually, to pull off our route and push back our Monterey arrival time. The fearful type-A in me started to freak out – we’ve never been here before, we don’t know what it’s like, this wasn’t something we’ve prepared for, this wasn’t in our plan, what if it doesn’t turn out okay…

Goodness gracious! I know that I have issues with spontaneity. I grew up in a very scheduled world, where play dates had to be determined a month in advance, asking my parents for something required delivering a persuasive powerpoint, and all the way through high school my life ticked along to a safe, secure, work-driven clock.

Uh, no, I was not a risk-taker.

But, thankfully, over time I’ve started to accept that “unknown” does not equal “will turn out badly.” “Unknown” just means “unwritten.”

And writing the rest of that detour was a heck of a lot of fun 🙂

Our two-hour segway started with me beelining it for the farm’s animals. Goats and llamas and sheep! Just like at the Waystation! I was home! 😉

So… most people see goats and think “must pet” – yeah, my first thought was “must check for bloat.”

They were all good 🙂

After animal love time, Leslie and I rode the farm’s wagon to their fruit orchards. The farm staff was so great! We were told to just go ahead and try some of the fruit first, see if the tree was ripe yet, see if we liked the flavor.

Yup, we were given permission to just go ahead and have some fruit plucked straight from the tree. It was wonderful. And tasty. And I learned that apparently I like cherries 🙂

The yellow cherries were delicious!

Once we arrived in Monterey, we checked into our inn, grabbed some dinner at an impromptu choice of restaurant with awesome vegan food, and stopped by Cannery Row to do some night-rambling on the beach.

This is where I feel at home 🙂

Today we’re off to the aquarium!