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End Cruel Trapping!


We already know that hunting is a cruel and generally unnecessary practice that despite millenia of usage has been a largely ineffective means of population control. However, there are some forms of hunting that are even more appalling than others.

In this case, I’m talking about trapping.

trapped coyote

“Modern” trapping methods haven’t changed much since the 1800’s. Jaws-of-life-style traps clench the limbs and life of animals in their grasp, leaving animals to die slowly of exposure and injury-related complications. Animals are left to die while their wounds fester and while scavengers come and pluck them alive.

trapped coyote 2

How do we know this? Jamie Olson, a Wyoming-based trapper for the USDA and APHIS, recently released photos detailing all of these practices – because he’d done them. Olson not only left his traps unattended, leaving animals to slowly die a long and painful death, but also let his hunting dogs maul some of the animals they found – including a coyote that was still alive. Photos from his report can be seen here.

These horrendous practices need to end.

Please, speak up and speak out. Demand that so-called “wildlife protection” agencies actually do their job and least take steps toward harm-reduction. Please send polite comments, such as the letter below, to:

Sample Letter:

Dear  (Administrator’s Name Here),

I am writing to urge you to take action against illegal trapping as well as to take appropriate action to end cruel methods of legal trapping. Current methods allow for egregious violations and flat-out animal cruelty cases. For example, even Jamie Olson, Wyoming-based trapper for the USDA and APHIS, allowed his hunting dogs to maul half-alive animals, left his traps unattended and unchecked, resulting in animals being scavenged and wasted.

I ask you to look into the grievances caused by current trapping practices and to take quick disciplinary action against violators and to pass the necessary reforms.

Thank you.


(Your Name Here)

Tales of An Early Morning


Tales of an early morning kindle

Good morning everyone!

So, I’ve published my first e-book! It’s called Tales of An Early Morning, a collection of poems and short stories. The book is, of course, dedicated to the Wildlife Waystation, and all royalties from the book’s sales are going to support the Waystation!

To find out more, go to my new writer’s blog, The Quill, and check out the post on Tales!

The Dogs

Xen, the handsomest dog I know!

Xen, the handsomest dog I know!

This past Wednesday, my life went to the dogs.

In a wonderful, fantastic, completely good kind of way. You see, I went back to St. Louis to visit my parents last weekend, and my flights back on Tuesday were delayed and cancelled and all sorts of nonsense. Long story short, I got stranded in Los Angeles. I wasn’t entirely unhappy about that.

I ended up staying the night and spending the next day with my lovely and inspiring friend, Dana, another fellow Waystation volunteer. I spent a good chunk of Wednesday morning walking her two ridiculously awesome dogs, Xen and Annie. It ended up being shockingly eye-opening.

Annie. Such a cutie pie!

Annie. Such a cutie pie!

The last time I walked the dogs, I wasn’t in that great of a place. I’ve spent the past few months in treatment for an eating disorder and depression, and holy cow has it made a difference. The last time I walked Xen and Annie, I was weak and faint and broke a sweat after only walking a few yards. The dogs I’m sure could tell what kind of state I was in and slowed down to keep pace with me. But Wednesday, when I walked them, there was no mercy when it came to speed – which was fine with me. Moving along together at a strong and steady fast-paced stride, the dogs and I completed our normal route in half the time it had taken us before. Fueled by a happiness high, we went even farther and even longer than usual. It was amazing, seeing how much Xen and Annie were in tune with my own health, and how clearly and eagerly they celebrated its return with me. I am constantly stunned by how aware animals are of information about humans that we ourselves are often so out of touch with.

Apparently, sometimes, it’s okay to let yourself go to the dogs 😉

Project 4 Awesome


So, the Wildlife Waystation has entered a contest called Project 4 Awesome. If we’re one of the five winners, then we get to share in the funds – which are much needed!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to Project 4 Awesome and vote for Wildlife Waystation, because it saves animals, helps people, and overall decreases the world’s suckiness!