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Facebook Page!


That’s right! Life as a College Vegan now has a facebook page!

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Happy November!


November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month! I’m posting in support of all senior animals – they may be older, but that just means they have more of a story that goes with them. Senior pets are who they are – you know what kind of animal you’re adopting when you get a senior animal as opposed to a puppy or kitten. They often already come house/litter trained, and are ready to just settle in and lavish their companions with love. So if you’re thinking of adopting a pet, go ahead and go for grey and furry – adopt a senior!


Here’s what the ASPCA has to say about adopting older animals:


How fortuitous!

Just a few days after my most recent post about the oceans and threats to them – most notably in the Arctic – I came across, a new effort by Greenpeace to declare the Arctic a global sanctuary!

The Arctic and the creatures that live there are already threatened by global warming. Let’s keep oil drilling, industrial fishing, and international conflict OFF the list of the Arctic’s problems.

So click and sign the petition y’all!