Visit Life Endangered.

Welcome! This the page for a new project in the life of this college vegan. The name? Life Endangered. The mission? To captivate, to move, to protect – before they’re gone.

The details. So, I really like animals, and I think that being good caretakers of the animals that we have the power and choice to affect in positive instead of negative way is important – especially when so many species are now endangered or threatened, largely because of human activity, not evolution and natural selection.

I’ve found that people are more likely to help out if they care about what’s being helped. So I’ve decided to add on a project to life as a college vegan – life endangered. The project’s philosophy takes a vision-to-vision approach. Visual media – whether it’s pictures, photographs, videos, etc. – has the power to captivate hearts and motivate action. Visual media has the ability to completely overtake an entire sense of the body and tell it, “here, let me show you why this is important. Let me help you see why you should care.”

Vision, quite simply, can inspire vision.

So, I’ve started a pinterest page. Each month, I will choose an endangered species and each day, I will pin a visual of the species that I think inspires appreciation or action. Starting in October, I will include artwork among the photographs – so send me your work and I’ll feature it! Email a jpeg of your work to and if it keeps with Life Endangered’s visual philosophy, I’ll pin it! Additionally, you an email that address saying which species you think should be featured next – tell me why that species is in need and I’ll give them a feature month!

I know that creating a pinterest page is a simple act. But great accomplishments usually start with a simple vision. My vision is to inspire whomever I can reach to care about the animals that I’ve so fallen in love with. With word of mouth and today’s social media, there are literally hundreds of ways to get some attention for the animals. A picture’s worth a thousand words. What will you speak?

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