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The Delicacy of Bears


Mishka, one of the lovely and adorable WW bears

Last week, I had the privilege of tagging along with the bear enrichment team at the Wildlife Waystation. While the bears were in their catch cages, we filled their main enclosures with all sorts of goodies – peanuts, nilla wafers, apples, honey-covered bread, pasta, cereal, carrots, and other forms of beary deliciousness that I’m forgetting.

We strew the goodies all around – inside boomer balls, on top of den boxes, in crevices and cracks, making sure that the bear would have to spend a good amount of time hunting for its treats.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I imagine a bear eating, I envision them going at it. Full face, teeth gnashing, paws flying and food splattering everywhere. Not exactly the prettiest picture.

But on bear enrichment day, boy was I was surprised! Bears are delicate eaters! Picky, even. Trust me, bears have taste. I watched as each bear headed first to the sweets, then the fruit, and last hit up the pasta and vegetables. The bears did not maul the honey-covered bread; no, they oh-so-gently licked the honey off of the bread, leaving the bun behind. And when it came to grapes, instead of just crunching their way through an entire bunch, the bears would pick each grape off, one by one, leaving the vine behind. I don’t know about you, but I’m not so sure I could do that with my mouth.

The lesson I learned? Bears are not only creatures of force, they are also creatures of finesse. Apparently they make quite the refined dinner guest.


The Zebra Play


A poem, dedicated to the Wildlife Waystation 🙂



The Zebra Play…


I have seen a zebra play,

I have seen a wolf’s legs leap,

I have heard a coyote bay,

I have heard the sheep herd’s bleat.

Have you seen the monkey smile?

Have you seen the parrot roust?

Have you heard the crow beguile?

Have you hard the llamas count?

I have known a slope of forest,

I have known a place apart

nestled in the mountains

and a valley of my heart.

Tales of An Early Morning


Tales of an early morning kindle

Good morning everyone!

So, I’ve published my first e-book! It’s called Tales of An Early Morning, a collection of poems and short stories. The book is, of course, dedicated to the Wildlife Waystation, and all royalties from the book’s sales are going to support the Waystation!

To find out more, go to my new writer’s blog, The Quill, and check out the post on Tales!

Project 4 Awesome


So, the Wildlife Waystation has entered a contest called Project 4 Awesome. If we’re one of the five winners, then we get to share in the funds – which are much needed!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to Project 4 Awesome and vote for Wildlife Waystation, because it saves animals, helps people, and overall decreases the world’s suckiness!

Tiger Time


What if there were no more tigers?

With only around 3,000 tigers left, that’s a serious question. Tigers have been on the endangered species list for years now, yet their numbers keep dwindling. Why? Habitat loss (tigers have lost 93% of their original range, largely to human activities), poaching and black market sales (tiger anatomy is used in traditional Chinese “medicine”), attacks from ranchers whose livestock they were forced through competition to kill, climate change that destabilizes their ecosystem… the list goes on. Despite tigers’ ability to adapt beautifully as a predator, the threats are taking a toll nonetheless.

So what do we do about it? Well, there are at least a couple dozen ways to get involved, but in this article, I’m going to mention one – sanctuaries. In a world where not even national wildlife preserves are sacred from poaching, sanctuaries prove one of the best shots at keeping endangered species from becoming extinct. Wildlife Waystation, my favorite wildlife sanctuary, has cared for tigers since its inception. So this month, on Life as a College Vegan’s Life Endangered pinterest page, I’m featuring the Waystation tigers! Each picture comes with a caption instructing viewers how they can support a Waystation tiger. Please share the word – by sharing the vision!

Meet Tessa, one of the lovely WW tigers 🙂

Visit Life Endangered.

God’s Teeth!


Don’t y’all love that Shakespearean phrase? 🙂

It’s certainly what popped into my head when Stephanie and I were passing out hot dog ice cubes to some of the Waystation animals yesterday. They were intended for the coyotes, but we wound up with one extra, so Tippi the baboon was the lucky winner of the surplus treat.

She may not have God’s teeth, but boy does she have a bite! When the coyotes received their popsicles, they spent a while licking and gnawing and licking and gnawing at them in an attempt to liberate the hot dog pieces frozen inside. Tippi just picked up the popsicle and chomped. She crunched all the way through the frozen mass and liberated the hot dog, just like that! If she were asked to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop, I believe her answer would be none at all – just one powerful munch.

Girl’s got some jaws.