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A Good Story and a Bowl of Soup


I have caught the plague.

And by plague, I mean the set of germs currently running through the Caltech population, compliments of the summer students.

But this means that I have an excellent excuse to make soup during the 80 degree summer weather! Yesterday, I discovered the vegan best replacement for chicken soup at Trader Joe’s: Garlic Rice-Noodle Soup.


I doctored my bowl at lunch today with a scoop of TJ’s mirepoix mix (a fancy word meaning chopped carrot, onion, and celery). Just what my sore throat and stuffy nose needed 🙂 Future add-in plans include spinach, edamame, and tofu for some extra green and protein.

And of course, curling up with a sick day soup bowl goes very nicely with a side of a good story. But I’m not just reading these – I’m writing them! I was recently hired by a few different employers to do some freelance writing for them! My first job is a set of short stories about animals from the animals’ point of view – definitely up my alley. My first set are written from coyotes’ points of view and explore the raw power and ingenuity that humans have to respect – or otherwise deal with the consequences of. Check out the logs!

Coyote Watch

Hope you all are avoiding summertime colds!

New Finds


Trader Joe’s is wonderful.

Vanilla Soy Yogurt

A few days ago, I was about to grab my normal strawberry and peach yogurt cartons when OH MY GOODNESS THERE’S NOW VANILLA SOY YOGURT.

Yes, everyone. I was actually that excited.

Trader Joe’s has consistently been my favorite brand of soy yogurt. Before I became vegan and was only on the search for gelatin-free yogurt, I ended up opting for TJ’s soy anyways because I just liked it better than all the other vegetarian dairy yogurts. Since becoming vegan, I’ve found that I still prefer Trader Joe’s to the other soy yogurt brands.

However, until recently, there was no TJ vanilla flavor. So, for quite a while, I’ve been on the hunt for a soy yogurt that could fill that void in my plate’s life. Bowl’s life. Whatever. But across the board, the soy yogurts I’ve tried just haven’t quite hit it. Other brands were usually much too sugary or couldn’t hide the fact from my tastebuds that no, this wasn’t really vanilla yogurt and that why yes, that was fake flavor I was detecting.

Needless to say, after going through that experience time and time again, I was wary when it came to Trader Joe’s new attempt at a vanilla flavor. But when I peeled back the quality control seal, the yogurt underneath was creamy and white (instead of the yellowish off-white I was usually confronted with). This looked promising. So I went for a taste.

AMAZING! The soy vanilla managed to capture the sweet vanilla taste and the tanginess of yogurt that I had enjoyed in my pre-vegan days. Real taste, oh-so-helpful live active cultures, chock full of calcium and protein – LOVED IT!

Vegan Crumpets


I was also super stoked to find that my local Trader Joe’s now carries a second type of crumpet – and it’s vegan! The new Harvest Whole Wheat crumpets are animal product-free, the ingredient list doesn’t sport the words “bleached” or “refined” before the word “flour,” AND they’re amazingly delicious.

Tea and crumpets, anyone?