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Vegan Active


Phew! Long time no blog!

Don’t worry, dear readers, I haven’t just been slacking off! This vegan’s been damn busy. To catch y’all up, the past few weeks have been filled with:

A trip to the L.A. zoo! Look for a post on my take on zoos soon!

He came right up to the glass!

Dance show! Lots and lots of dance show! I had five hours of rehearsal a day and then three two-hour-long performances!

Larissa (right) and I in our crazy animal print hip hop costumes πŸ™‚

Figuring out what in the world I’ll be doing this summer! (Still working on this one…)


Romping around with coyotes!

Sedona, one of the beautiful Waystation coyotes!


Traipsing around Santa Monica and Venice Beach πŸ™‚

My friend Carson. He's pretty awesome.

my shadow!

my friends meet the wind πŸ˜‰

Of course, being active means I’ve gotta have the fuel to do all of this – and a lot of that fuel comes in the form of protein. The question of protein has become almost cliche in the vegan community – how many of you have already stopped keeping count of how many times you’ve been asked how you get protein?

Well, for all you new vegans and those who are just plain curious, here’s my answer!

Vegan Protein

Okay, let’s talk biochem for a minute. What exactly is “protein?” Well, protein is a macromolecule composed of building blocks that are called “amino acids.” There are twenty of them; some of them our body can make, some of them our body can’t, and those are called “essential amino acids.” Really, as long as you eat a balanced diet, you’ll be fine on all twenty.

Nutritionally speaking, 1 oz protein = 7 g of protein. A balanced diet should have at least 50 g (about 7 oz) of protein a day, though I get at least 70 g (10 oz).

Wanna know how? Here are the conversions for the proteins I usually go for:

1 oz protein =

– 1.5 oz extra firm tofu

– 1/8 block tempeh

– 1/4 c shelled edamame

– 2.5 slices tofurky

– 3 meatless meatballs (TJ!)

– 2 Tb nutritional yeast

– 1/2 Tb nut butter (okay, if you want to be super neurotic it’s 2 Tb, which counts for 1 oz protein and som fat nutrients, but if you want to be a normal person just go with 1/2 Tb)

– 1/4 c most beans (again, if you want to be neurotic 1/2 c counts as 1 protein and some starch nutrients, but for sanity’s sake just go with 1/4 c)

Do you have a favorite form of vegan protein?

Tofu Scramble


Good morning everyone!

It’s Friday! To celebrate, I actually COOKED this morning! Woohoo!

In my pre-vegan days, eggs always just creeped me out. They were either runny or spongy – sometimes even pushing the line to plastic. And I could never really ditch feeling just a little sketched out that I was essentially eating an amniotic sac.

Um, ew.

Anyway. I’m vegan now. Tofu to the rescue! I decided to throw some ingredients together this morning to create my own make-shift VEGAN version of scrambled eggs. The tofu scramble I made this morning has more protein, less fat, zip cholesterol, and is waaaay farther from plastic than the usual two-egg scramble. And it’s just flat-out delicious πŸ™‚

Tofu Scramble Recipe


3 oz extra-firm, high-protein tofu (I got mine from Trader Joe’s. Of course. ;))

1/4 c oats

2 Tb nutritional yeast

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

~ 1/3 c water (or plant milk)


Super simple, y’all. Just crumble your tofu into a bowl – you can attack it with a fork if your morning is in need of some more fun πŸ™‚ – pour your EVOO on top, add in the nooch, oats, and water, and then stir!

Next, pour your mixture into a frying pan (or a sauce pan, if you live in a college dorm and none of the frying pans are clean!) and cook on medium to medium-high heat for 5-7 minutes. Once some of the water has cooked off and the mixture’s thickened, it’s done!

I added in two dashes of pepper and a blink’s worth of salt (that’s aΒ very very veryΒ small dash, y’all). You could also add a dash of cumin and ketchup/hot sauce to taste. Let me tell you, looking through communal dorm fridges for one of those last two was fun. There was definitely some impromptu fridge cleaning.

Hope you all enjoy a healthy start to your morning!