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Speak Up for Wildlife Conservation!


There’s yet another animal-threatening bill out there. Speak up and demand that it be thrown out! Show that you’re thankful for national parks this Thanksgiving and stand up to protect them!

The Info:

The bill S.3525 up for review in Senate is a HIGHLY IRRESPONSIBLE bill. It calls for de-regulation across the board of environmental provisions. If passed, it would:

  1. Open up national parks for poaching, game hunting, target practice, fishing, trapping, and offroad vehicle use, especially in backcountry areas and OFFICIALLY-DESIGNATED wilderness areas.
  2. Prevent federal agencies from reviewing the impact of hunting on these areas. (Aka “Let’s turn a blind eye to the impact we’re having on the environment…)
  3. Open up national parks to new logging, mining, and fossil-fuel extraction ventures. (WHAT???!!!)
  4. Gut the Antiquities Act, which gives the President the ability to restrict the amount of corporate use of public lands owned by the federal government. (Aka gives the federal government the power to protect national parks from corporate exploitation – does it really seem like a good idea to make that go away?)
  5. And, perhaps worst of all, revises the Marine Mammal Protection Act to allow for the importation of polar bear “trophies” from Canada registered prior to the May 2008 Endangered Species Act. (You KNOW people are going to find a way to falsely register new kills and get around this technicality. Congressmen, don’t play dumb about this one.)

What you can do:

Please please PLEASE send a message to your congressman and senator saying that oppose this ridiculously stupid and highly unconscionable bill! Send a letter to President Obama saying that oppose this attack on the balance of governmental power and complete overhaul of environmental protections for the sake of “sport.” How 1800’s is that?? Please share and spread the word!




Example of Sample Message:

I oppose S. 3525: Sportsmen’s Act of 2012 because it is a tremendously dangerous bill that jeopardizes the safety of the environment, cornerstone species, and endangered species. It combines too many de-regulations to be considered responsible or safe. In particular, the allowance of the importation of polar bear “trophies” registered before 2008 obviously sets up already for violations that would seriously threaten an already endangered species. You know that people are going to find ways to get around the “registered before 2008” rule to import newly killed polar bears under a false registration. Furthermore, the bill attacks the balance of power checks within the government by restricting the President’s ability to veto Congressional and Senatorial approval of corporate exploitation of federally owned public lands. The bill is highly irresponsible and highly dangerous. It is too risky and unconscionabe a bill to be passed.