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The Delicacy of Bears


Mishka, one of the lovely and adorable WW bears

Last week, I had the privilege of tagging along with the bear enrichment team at the Wildlife Waystation. While the bears were in their catch cages, we filled their main enclosures with all sorts of goodies – peanuts, nilla wafers, apples, honey-covered bread, pasta, cereal, carrots, and other forms of beary deliciousness that I’m forgetting.

We strew the goodies all around – inside boomer balls, on top of den boxes, in crevices and cracks, making sure that the bear would have to spend a good amount of time hunting for its treats.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I imagine a bear eating, I envision them going at it. Full face, teeth gnashing, paws flying and food splattering everywhere. Not exactly the prettiest picture.

But on bear enrichment day, boy was I was surprised! Bears are delicate eaters! Picky, even. Trust me, bears have taste. I watched as each bear headed first to the sweets, then the fruit, and last hit up the pasta and vegetables. The bears did not maul the honey-covered bread; no, they oh-so-gently licked the honey off of the bread, leaving the bun behind. And when it came to grapes, instead of just crunching their way through an entire bunch, the bears would pick each grape off, one by one, leaving the vine behind. I don’t know about you, but I’m not so sure I could do that with my mouth.

The lesson I learned? Bears are not only creatures of force, they are also creatures of finesse. Apparently they make quite the refined dinner guest.


What the Blazes!


Good morning oh lovely readers! To cope with my most recent bout of insomnia, I decided to update you all on some of the adventures that I had yesterday. I actually went Black Friday shopping! No, I was not one of those get-up-at-some-ungodly-hour-o’-clock, stand-in-line-forever, race-around-with-coupons-like-a-mad-woman kind of shoppers. My friends and I spent most of our time meandering around bookstores at a leisurely pace, keeping an eye out for deals but not stressing about it too much. It was lovely.

Along the way, we stopped for lunch at a pizza place called Blazes Pizza. I know, what the blazes was I doing in a pizza place?! Getting vegan pizza, that’s what! Blazes has a vegan cheese option, as well as lots of yummy vegetables to load onto your pie. My friend Kim and I just split a simple pie, though. We each also got a blood orange lemonade. Both were absolutely delicious.


This was also an opportunity for me to introduce my friends the wonder that is Daiya, since the vegan cheese of choice was Daiya mozzarella. The cruelty-free choice was a success! Kim said that she actually forgot she wasn’t eating “real” cheese, and that Daiya tasted like a delectable version of “some pretentious cheese.” My friend Jimmy, a pizza connoisseur, declared that he was impressed. That’s a BIG DEAL – Jimmy’s serious about his pizza.

So, all in all, Blazes Pizza is a definite must-visit for any vegans craving a pizza pie fix. One word, my friends: yum.