In a season that’s all about blessings and thanks, isn’t life something that we should be thankful for above all? So then why is the centerpiece of such a holiday a plate o’ dead flesh? Ew.

Thankfully (ha. ha. puns.), there’s a way to make your Thanksgiving celebration truly a celebration of the fruits (and vegetables) of the earth, rather than of the annual slaughterhouse mania: Tofurky!

Roast it, stuff it, braise it, even deep fry it – anything you’d do with a “regular” turkey, you can do with tofurky! My biggest tip for cooking your tofurky this year: marinate, marinate, marinate! Keep your tofurky moist! It’s honestly what makes the biggest difference.

Not sure exactly how you want to enjoy your tofurky? No worries! Turtle Island Foods, the makers of Tofurky products has recipes galore! Check them out here!

Comment and tell me what your favorite way to gobble down some tofurky is!


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