Tiger Time


What if there were no more tigers?

With only around 3,000 tigers left, that’s a serious question. Tigers have been on the endangered species list for years now, yet their numbers keep dwindling. Why? Habitat loss (tigers have lost 93% of their original range, largely to human activities), poaching and black market sales (tiger anatomy is used in traditional Chinese “medicine”), attacks from ranchers whose livestock they were forced through competition to kill, climate change that destabilizes their ecosystem… the list goes on. Despite tigers’ ability to adapt beautifully as a predator, the threats are taking a toll nonetheless.

So what do we do about it? Well, there are at least a couple dozen ways to get involved, but in this article, I’m going to mention one – sanctuaries. In a world where not even national wildlife preserves are sacred from poaching, sanctuaries prove one of the best shots at keeping endangered species from becoming extinct. Wildlife Waystation, my favorite wildlife sanctuary, has cared for tigers since its inception. So this month, on Life as a College Vegan’s Life Endangered pinterest page, I’m featuring the Waystation tigers! Each picture comes with a caption instructing viewers how they can support a Waystation tiger. Please share the word – by sharing the vision!

Meet Tessa, one of the lovely WW tigers 🙂

Visit Life Endangered.


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