Monday Night Mixin’s


It’s dinner time, and I’m hungry.

Instead of being a lazy college student and defaulting to cereal, I decided to make real food. There were actually multiple steps involved. I think that counts as cooking. Even if it did boil down to throwing multiple ingredients into a bowl. I promise, it was more complicated than cereal…

Anyhoo, tonight’s dinner features colors! I threw some kale in a bowl and microwaved it for a minute to wilt the leaves (I prefer my kale steamed to raw most of the time. Go figure.), added in half a cucumber that I’d oh so prettily diced up, plopped some cubed tofu on top (I prefer my tofu raw to steamed most of the time… Go figure…), and then added a gracious spoonful salsa and about two tablespoons of nooch.

Hello vitamin spectrum. Why yes, I will taste the rainbow 😉

Oh! And meet my friend Carson. He’s thwarting onion tears by wearing ski goggles. He’s pretty excellent.


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  1. raw tofu? yikes. i know i’m a nube to the whole vegan thing, i’m only what, two, three months in? somewhere around there. and i’ve gotten more adventurous with the tofu (my fav chef chloe coscarelli uses it for everything under the sun it seems), but when i’m busting out the extra firm (which looks like what you’ve got in the pic) i’ve gotta do more of a cooked sauce or some frying with it. suggestions?

    • Hmm… I have so many suggestions! It kind of comes down to what you’re in the mood for at the moment – I keep around teriyaki sauce and a tomato curry sauce for the times when I don’t want to have to do to much to flavor my tofu. Just stick it over the tofu, toss, and heat. In the recipe on this page, the dish would still work out fine if you fried the tofu in oil first. You could even encrust it with the nutritional yeast (toss the tofu in oil, roll it in the nooch, and then fry in a pan). Hope that helps dear!

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