Sweetness and Sprinkles


Happy Friday everyone! I’m giving y’all a flashback today and reporting on a most excellent vegan restaurant (and one of the few left!) that I visited while in St. Louis last week.

It’s name is Sweetart, a delectable play on words. The cafe displays the art of the owner, Cbabi Bayoc. This season, his art is all about fatherhood.

Every season, the food is all about delicious. I’d already started digging into their signature Sweetart Burger before I remembered to take a picture of it. Honestly, it was one of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had.

And then there’s another oh so lovely aspect of Sweetart that I love so much – they make vegan cupcakes! (Not to mention vegan cookies, vegan brownies, vegan pizza… basically, all manners of vegan yumminess.) The flavors change year round, but the decadence is always the same.

My vegan Backwards Rainbow cupcake next to two non-vegan Red Velvet cupcakes.

This time ’round, I had to get a backwards rainbow cupcake. It had sprinkles. 🙂

Thanks for brightening up St. Louis culture, Sweetart family!

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