Walkin’ the Art Walk


Happy Monday my lovely readers! So, a little over a week ago, some friends and I attended one of down town LA’s art walks – monthly exhibitions of professional and emerging talent in the LA area. There are a lot of really cool art pieces to see!



Patrick Haemmerlein of the Hive Gallery is my personal favorite. Check out his work! It’s beautiful, and the eco-commentary is brilliantly well done.


However, the art wasn’t the only cool thing we discovered along the art walk.We even passed by a Discovery Channel trailer giving out shark week hair cuts!


However, none of us had eaten dinner and by 10 o’ clock, we were pretty hungry! And what would you know, as we were meandering down a sidewalk in search of food, we happened upon a raw vegan restaurant smack in the middle of down town! Meet Raw Bites Happy Food, home of deliciousness.

yes, the menu is indeed propped up on an air hockey table 🙂

Chef Julie invited us in with a casual “you hungry?” Yes. Yes we were.

About ten minutes later, we found ourselves chowing down on a raw faux tuna roll and zucchini heart “potato” salad after having sampled some of Julie’s raw chocolate. Chef Julie is all about wholesome food for a wholesome life. I loved the restaurant’s gratitude wall!

I’m certainly thankful for Raw Bites Happy Food!


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