God’s Teeth!


Don’t y’all love that Shakespearean phrase? 🙂

It’s certainly what popped into my head when Stephanie and I were passing out hot dog ice cubes to some of the Waystation animals yesterday. They were intended for the coyotes, but we wound up with one extra, so Tippi the baboon was the lucky winner of the surplus treat.

She may not have God’s teeth, but boy does she have a bite! When the coyotes received their popsicles, they spent a while licking and gnawing and licking and gnawing at them in an attempt to liberate the hot dog pieces frozen inside. Tippi just picked up the popsicle and chomped. She crunched all the way through the frozen mass and liberated the hot dog, just like that! If she were asked to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop, I believe her answer would be none at all – just one powerful munch.

Girl’s got some jaws.


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