Beating Murphy’s Law


You know Murphy’s Law? The saying that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong? Well, that just about sums up yesterday. Wildlife Waystation was the highlight of a HUGE event at Celebrity Centre International, a Scientology center in Hollywood. We brought the largest number of animals to an event, possibly in our entire history, but because of strict rules, also had the fewest number of volunteers accompanying them. Talk about hectic.

The day began with me sleeping through my ringing alarm for FORTY MINUTES. I might need a better alarm, y’all. Waking up late meant I had no time to shower, no time for breakfast, not even time to pick up coffee. I had to book it.

When I finally arrived at the Waystation, a whole new slew of problems ensued. People were late, there was a problem with the goat-and-llama-transporting horse trailer, there was a problem with plan B for the horse trailer, there was a problem with the van key (i.e. we couldn’t find it), there was a problem with the van (i.e. it wouldn’t start), there was another problem with the van (i.e. it stalled and wouldn’t start AGAIN) – and on and on!

Yup. That's right. I travelled in the pig van. Oreo probably had the most room.

Yesterday could be summed up as problem after problem. However, it could also be summed up as solution after solution. People’s strengths came out in full force. Shorthanded and having little to work with, volunteers didn’t discriminate in how they helped. Phone calls were made, errands were run, stepping in was facilitated. Which team you were on, what department you worked with – categories like that stopped mattering and all that did matter was that if you could do it, you did do it.

The astounding show of teamwork pulled it off! And then I handled goats for the next six hours πŸ™‚

Adrian chillin' with Pepper the goat

Oh! There, um, was also that moment when I was looking for a waste bin to throw away trash for someone and thought that oh hey, this big grey trash bin next to the reptiles is probably for waste, right? So I just opened up the lid and OH MY GOODNESS NOT A TRASH CAN!

Turns out the boa constrictor was inside. That lid got shoved back on pretty darn quickly. Banana’s gorgeous but, uh, not quite what I was expecting. At least Murphy’s Law has a sense of humor.

Though might I mention that Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri came through on a VIP tour? THAT was pretty cool! But no, I decided to NOT be one of the gagillion annoying people the two have to put up with who take pictures of every waking moment of their lives. Sorry, guys. πŸ˜‰

I did take lots of pictures of our animals, though! Be on the lookout for upcoming pics of ME with the goats πŸ™‚

Mungar the tiger. Or "the handsome boy" πŸ™‚

Rowdy the black-capped capuchin reeling up a bucket for the prize inside

Wendy with Dakota the wolf

How have you made the best of a rough situation?


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  1. Oh I hate you. That sounds like so much friggen fun, I would’ve loved to be there. Especially to see Dakota. Although I’m not sure how I’d feel riding around with the bacon in the truck…

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