Phew! Bloggy silence! A whole week without posting! Let’s remedy that. :p

So, to catch y’all up in the world of this college vegan, school (including a neurobio class presentation on how your brain tells you you’re hungry; upcoming – a presentation on how rats are nice to each other and share chocolate) and handling a life explosion have been taking up most of my time this week. You all don’t need the details.

But today, I went hiking! The Caltech Y sponsored a hike to the Arroyo Seco, L.A.’s main water shed. And what did I see there? I saw promise.

I know. Doesn’t look like much. Let’s go back aways.

Meet Roger, JPL engineer and oak tree enthusiast. He’s a volunteer guide at Hahamongna Watershed Park and told our group about the types of oaks around the area. The Englemann Oak are native to Pasadena, but oy have they been having a tough time. Fires, wildlife looking for lunch, crowding out by the Coast Live Oak, and humans bowling over native flora and planting yards full of non-native species instead have decimated the original population.

Roger, however, has decided to do something about it. For the past decade or so, he’s been collecting acorns that fall from the mature Englemann Oaks during the winter, growing them for a few months on his own, and then planting them back in Hahamongna. However, Roger’s endeavors aren’t just a one-man show. Because of his young son, Roger’s been involved with the Tom Sawyer camp for elementary and middle schoolers at Hahamongna. He gets the kids to think about where it would be best to reintroduce the trees in the park and how to make sure the young trees survive during the times when the camp isn’t running.

Basically, Roger’s teaching young kids how to think about conservation efforts. And then he lets them play in the dirt.

And those little foundlings the camp’s planted? They’re growing.

And that shows promise.


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