Bunnies and Baking Soda: Part Three


DIY Acne Attack!

Okay y’all, the much-awaited post is here! 😉

It’s FINALLY time for me to share those do-it-yourself, cruelty-free acne solutions, compliments of Peta2. I’ve been trying them out for about a week, and they’ve helped! Of course, it has been only a week, and the solutions I’ve been trying aren’t completely magic. But hey, my acne – or rather my face, I suppose – has gotten better. And better – especially in the form of decreased redness, less zits, and faster-healing pimples – is definitely an improvement.

So, here’s the regimen:

1. Baking Soda Face Mask

2. Plant-Based Moisturizer

3. Overnight Spot Treatment

Here’s how ya do it:

1. Baking Soda Face Mask

Super simple. What you’ll need is some cruelty-free, aluminum-free baking soda (like Bob’s Red Mill brand), a bit of water, and something to put it all in.

To make the mask, combine some baking soda with the water and mix until you have a paste. I know “some” and “bit” are very unclear measurements, but there’s a lot of leeway with the baking soda/water ratio. It’s okay if the mixture is a little watery, and it’s also okay if it’s a little thick. If you really insist on measurements, then 1/4 c baking soda with 1-2 Tb of water should do it. Here’s how mine looked when I first made it:

Over time, the water will start to evaporate out of the mixture, so just add some more if you need to.

So, once you’ve got your mask all ready, just apply it to your already-washed face (or wherever the heck you’re putting it) until you pretty much look like a circus clown.

Like so:

I call this "the banshee look"

The endothermic reaction between the baking soda and water will tingle a little bit. Keep the mask on for twenty minutes and then gently wash it away by splashing lukewarm water over the applied area. Then dry – again, gently!

And then you moisturize! 🙂

2. Plant-Based Moisturizer

Seriously, moisturizing after this mask is actually super important. Especially if you have sensitive skin. Baking Soda will zap your zits, but it’ll also dry your face out a little bit. The correct plant-based moisturizer restores nutrients to your skin and actually decreases the amount of oil your skin thinks it needs to produce. Less oil in pores = less acne triggers.

A good moisturizer to start with is a simple blend of jojoba (ho-ho-ba) oil and an essential oil – I used lavender. Lavender essential oil has de-stressing aromatherapeutic value (oh, can I vouch for that!) and acts as a topical antibiotic. Plus it just smells nice 🙂


Now, before you freak at the price tag for those two ingredients, think long-term. For a decent off-the-Walgreens-shelf acne cleanser or treatment, it’s on average $15 and will last for about two months. One small bottle (about 60 mL) of jojoba oil plus a small vial (about 8 mL) of essential oil is also around $15 and will last about 6 months – three times longer. That’s three times friendlier for the college-student budget 🙂

So, back to that moisturizer. For every teaspoon of jojoba oil, add one drop of the essential oil. To apply, dip the tip of your finger in the mixture and apply sparingly. Three finger-dips (that’s less than one teaspoon) suffices to cover my face.

3. Overnight Spot Treatment

Got some extra-stubborn zits? Don’t fret! Just pull out the toothpaste.

Really! You can apply a very small blob of toothpaste to a zit and let it work overnight. Just make sure the toothpaste is the white, opaque (a.k.a. baking soda-containing) kind, not the clear-ish gel kind. I’ve been using Trader Joe’s all-natural peppermint toothpaste.

And that’s it for now!

What plant-based remedies have worked for you?


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