Bunnies and Baking Soda: Part 1


What Are Solutions Made Of?

I’m tired of zits. I’m twenty years old! Wasn’t acne supposed to go away once the “teen” suffix dropped off my age?

Sigh. Apparently not.


 It’s not as if I haven’t tried to make the acne go away since – well, since it first showed up in middle school. I’ve tried half a dozen prescription benzoic acid creams, a score of salicylic acid washes, and a few astringents made by Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, and most of the other brand names.

And yet I still have zits.

Earlier this year, I went to a dermatologist. (Yet again.) She gave me a trial prescription of two topical meds and one oral medication. When I went to pick up the oral medication from the pharmacy, the polite lady behind the counter informed me that with the coupons the dermatologist had given me, the oral medication would be four hundred dollars.

Then the polite lady behind the counter promptly watched my jaw drop.

A three figure price tag for zit removal! Heck no.

So here I am, half a year later, and still battling zits. I’ve decided to try something else – ditching my zits the vegan way.

Most topical acne medications are a cream-of-chemical soup of benzoic or salicylic acid plus some additives – and, along with oral acne medications, have likely been tested on animals. The vegan ammo that I’ll be hitting my zits with, however, contains only plant-based ingredients and doesn’t require un-anaesthetized animals to suffer for the sake of my own vanity.

My solution? I’m going as cruelty-free and earth-based as possible. Starting with those vegan acne treatments. I’ll be concocting a baking soda face mask and natural oil moisturizer. No animal testing, ingredients that I recognize from my freshman chem lab, or three-figure price tags involved.

Since otherwise this post would be uber-long, I’m breaking it up into a three-part series. Stay tuned for parts two and three next week! I’ll tell you about the hidden bunnies in your home and how to do some vegan zit zapping yourself!

  • Part 2 – The Skinny On Animal Testing
  • Part 3 – DIY Acne Attack!

Tell me about what earth-friendly changes you’ve made in your life!


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