The Adventures So Far


1. I helped save the seals as an animal care intern at the Marine Mammal Care Center.




This is a juvenile elephant seal who came in with an injured eye to the MMCC. I got to practice my first responder skills wrapping the eye! In honor of his headwrap I nicknamed him “Baboushka.” He’s since been released back into the wild 🙂








2. I rescued a kitten!

Meet Silky. His is quite a story! A group of the MMCC interns and I worked to rescue Silky and his brother and sister (now named Rocky and Winnie, short for Wednesday) from the beach where they’d been dumped. We were able to safely coax two of the kittens from where the three had nestled together, hiding under a rock, but one of the kittens – Silky, of course – freaked out, and dashed away. It took three more days of searching, some clawed arms on my part, and some help from a slightly eccentric, feral-cat-feeding man called Joe (who, by the way, is responsible for Silky’s name) to finally rescue the little guy. With his purr as loud as a motor boat, I immediately fell in love with Silky. By the end of the drive back to Pasadena, I knew I couldn’t let him go.




3. I met Jane Goodall!

The arrow points to Jane Goodall about to take her seat in the auditorium. My phone camera was slow and couldn't zoom, hence the super low-res pic.

Through a random facebook advertisement, I found out that Jane Goodall would be present at the preview of her new movie, Jane’s Journey, in Santa Monica. I got my copy of In the Shadow Of Man signed and participated in the Q&A session! A friend of mine famous for giving hugs even got to give a hug to Jane Goodall!


4. I attended Hug a Vegetarian Day!

Me, Nugget, and a friendly Peta2 staffer

Vegan frankfurters. Yummmm.

… and on my way home, I discovered a gelaterie with vegan options!












I couldn’t decide between chocolate orange or strawberry. So I got both. 🙂






What next?!


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